At PRIDE, we honor the diversity of our staff and students. We know that no two people are exactly alike, and that we go through this life as unique individuals, 

So it is no surprise that the PRIDE community welcomes and respects -- indeed, celebrates the uniqueness of each. And we live that ethos every day. 

Students and adults alike model a supportive, collaborative, and respectful stance toward each other, as we all seek to unlock the passions, purpose, and potential of each individual.

Because we all learn through trial and error, we are careful not to stigmatize mistakes, but push students to "fail forward" or rapidly learn from error and improve. We believe that students should be challenged to produce work that has lasting beauty, purpose, and value.

Our PRIDE Values

We are a values based school. We believe that a strong school culture exists when we share a set of common values and are clear about what it looks like and sounds like to have such values. When we operate with a common set of values- we can become a community. These become the operating norms of the school and replace "rules" that often are common in our traditional school. 

We believe that all of us (students-staff-families) should strive to have the HEART of a LION. This means we have Humility, strive for Excellence, are Always learning, focus on Relationships, believe in the power of Team and Teamwork, inspire everyone to Lead, are Inclusive, stay Optimistic, and Never give up