A new kind of public school experience

At PRIDE Prep, students take greater ownership of their education. Our students set individual goals and work one-on-one with teachers to reach them.

Our personalized learning environment and hands-on approach prepares students for success in high school, college and beyond.

A hands-on approach

Built around rigorous academics, our curriculum emphasizes supporting students to solve new problems, adapt to new situations, and interact with one another, using a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on experiences. Students have the opportunity to engage in deeper learning through interesting projects, explorations and lab experiences.

We are a 1:1 technology school, meaning each child will have access to a tablet or computer. We also provide online learning and other tools to support each student’s individual learning style. It's an investment in technology that will provide students with the tools they will use in college and the workforce.

A personalized learning environment

At PRIDE Prep, teachers aren’t just teachers; we are coaches and mentors. We provide one-on-one and small group support to meet each student’s needs.

We help students discover what really matters to them by offering real-life opportunities to engage with their community and with local business leaders.

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