Hands-on learning has been going on since the dawn of time. At PRIDE, we recognize the incredible impact that informal learning has for developing deeper learning.

At MIT, their slogan is "Mens et Manus" or "mind and hand." The folks at MIT understand that theoretical knowledge must be accompanied by a practical, hands-on experience. 

Here at PRIDE, students become familiar with a wide range of tools -- both analog and digital -- and build with their hands new products, publications, inventions, presentations and experiments. Students learn not only why things work, but how they work, and are challenged to make everything better.

When we use our hands to find a context for our new knowledge, we all stretch our comfort zones a little. This stretching results in increased confidence as a result of what one can do. For many, hands-on IS the portal through which they primarily learn. For them, boundaries collapse, and new knowledge becomes useful and memorable.