PRIDE Prep is Building a “Maker Space”

Fueling the
Next Generation of Innovators

Learning can be challenging fun when students see the work as relevant and gain trust in their abilities. At PRIDE Prep, students will deepen their understanding of science concepts through hands-on “making.” 

That’s why we are creating a “maker space” -- a workshop space where students can build, experiment, and create. 

Maker spaces are fueling the “maker” movement across the country and are providing the tools and inspiration for the next generation of innovators. In these spaces, learners put ideas to the test and learn how to continually improve on them. Failure is treated as important and necessary feedback for creating a better model, experiment, or product.

The maker space is filled with traditional tools for prototyping using just about any material. Yet, we live in a digital world of logic boards and computer chips, and PRIDE Prep students will also be taking those raw parts and programming them to collect data from experiments or to control a new device. In this way, students will learn about physical computing and human-computer interaction.

Whether exploring the concepts of Newtonian physics or creating a new heart-rate monitor, woodworking or 3-D printing, PRIDE Prep students will be creative makers.