PRIDE Prep Grading Philosophy:  We believe that innovative schools focus on the importance of understanding, learning and growth rather than earning marks or grades.  We believe that students grow at different rates, need frequent opportunities to revise work and receive feedback.  SOMETHING ABOUT EXHIBITIONS --ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH DISPLAY, AUTHENTIC PUBLICATION, ETC

Importance of Translating Understanding, Learning and Growth into a Transcript:  We believe that innovative schools have a responsibility to report student progress in a way that allows students to enter a career, technical school, college, or the military.  To that end we translate student growth on math concepts, cognitive skills, and mastery of knowledge into a typical traditional school transcript.

Cognitive Skills:  PRIDE uses an 8 point rubric to score cognitive skills in projects. Cognitive skills are those critical thinking skills that are not discrete to a particular content.  (LINK TO COGNITIVE SKILLS RUBRIC).  6th Graders should average scores of 3 on the rubric, 7th graders should average scores of 3.5 to 4 on the rubric, and grade 8 should average scores of 4 to 5 on the rubric.  

Concept Skills:  PRIDE uses a 4 point rubric to assess content mastery of mathematical concepts.  

Mastery Learning:  All students must pass Focus area or Power playlists by passing a content assessment with an 80%.  Students are required to pass all Power playlists in their grade level.  Students must demonstrate average grade level cognitive scores or they receive an incomplete in the course.  Students with an incomplete are required to finish the school work and demonstrate mastery.

Portfolio Defenses:  Each year students complete a portfolio defense at the end of the school year with their guardians and a few staff members. The portfolio defense is an opportunity for students to provide evidence of their ability to Innovate/Create, Reflect and Use Feedback, work as a Team Member, Lead, Present, Answer questions, (WHAT OTHER CRITERIA????).  If students do not earn proficiency scores at their portfolio defense, they are required to revise work, collect better evidence, and re-defend their portfolio in the fall.  A larger Benchmark Portfolio Defense is completed prior to entry into high school. Students are required to be proficient in all areas at this Benchmark Portfolio defense in order to move to high school and earn high school credit for courses work.  Mid year portfolio defense planning sessions are provided in December and March (if necessary) to support students readiness for their final yearly portfolio defense.  Two more Benchmark Portfolio Defense occurs prior to entry into early college course (Running Start or dual enrollment) and prior to high school graduation.