Our mission is to prepare a diverse range of students for a life of learning in post-secondary education, citizenship, and leadership.

To accomplish this mission, we have designed our program for deeper learning, which means we challenge students to use knowledge and skills in a way that prepares them for real life. In other words, we blend formal and informal learning together, engaging both the mind and the hand.

Students engage in deeper learning in three important ways: challenging and personalized, self-paced learning utilizing state-of-the-art online resources; hands-on project and problem-based pedagogy presented in "workshop" time; and exploration of dozens of skill areas in pursuit of earning a cool badge denoting proficiency.

During "Personal Learning" time, students learn at their own pace using an online platform provided through a partnership with Summit Schools and curated by their PRIDE teacher. Students can learn at an accelerated pace, or slow down as needed, and gain mastery and skill as PRIDE staff provides just-in-time coaching along side the student. Feedback is immediate and useful. Error is not stigmatized.

In the content areas of the humanities, mathematics, and science, students are confronted with real-world projects, hands-on learning, and performance assessment. The projects offer many entry points for students with varying learning styles and interests, integrate several subjects together at once, are teacher designed, and provide students with an excellent chance to demonstrate critical thinking, artistry, and a deeper understanding of core concepts. Many projects result in a public presentation by the student.

Computer science and the arts are integrated into projects, and increase in complexity and challenge from grades 6 to 12.