Every Monday through Thursday, students are engaged in Project Time during their Math, Science, and Humanities courses.  See weekly student schedule.

Students work on collaborative projects to understand problems and create solutions.  Projects have checkpoints that require each individual student to demonstrate growth on the cognitive skills rubric.  In Mathematics, student work on concept units that required solving problems using multiple mathematical processes.  Concept units are scored on a 4 point scale.

You can look at your students project work on their PLP.  The top line in each content area shows the projects students are in.  Click on the project and it will take you to their work, revisions, and feedback from staff. 

2016-17 Projects 

September 6-October 10                    Content Areas:  All                   Cohorts:  All

Food and Its Impact on Our Body and Our World:   In this project students will explore various aspect of food.  They will understand the process of how food gets from the farm to their table.  They will look at nutritional contents of food products and understand the effect different nutrients have on our health.  Students will look at how data can be part of marketing campaigns that influence consumers.  Students will be creating marketing campaigns for food products that will be "sold" at the exhibition.  Students will also design an experiment that would help answer a particular question they pose about nutrition and food.  


PROJECTS on the PLP:  The top line of each content area shows projects that the student will complete this school year.  It is labeled cognitive skills because we score cognitive skills in projects.  The number to the right shows the current average on cognitive skills for that courses. Project boxes that are grey and white have not been started.  Project boxes that are blue indicate they have been completed or partially completed.  Project boxes that are red indicate that their are revisions that must be made.  Below Project boxes are Playlists.  See Playlists for more information.